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About Empowered

EMPOWERED began at a little dojo in Sherwood as Michele Maupin’s pet project, when she discovered a gap in most martial arts training.  She started EMPOWERED in 2007 after a scary encounter with a threatening individual in downtown Portland, OR.  She discovered that the key to Personal Safety is Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, not necessarily the ability to perform martial arts techniques.

She now teaches people how to diffuse and avoid trouble before it starts, what to watch out for off the mat as well as online, and what to do to avoid being chosen as someone’s next victim.  Empowered is not the end-all in self-defense, and while we believe that martial arts skills are great to have, they’re even better if you don’t have to use them off the mat.




Michelle Moore

About Michele

Michele Maupin has been practicing martial arts since 2001, and teaching since 2003. She has trained in a variety of martial arts, and currently teaches Personal Safety, Communication, and Customer Service to all genders and ages.

Michele holds a black belt in American Kenpo Karate, is CPR certified, a Security Officer/Executive Manager licensed with the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, and has a bachelor’s degree in Leadership from George Fox University.






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