Q: How is EMPOWERED Self-Defense different from other self-defense seminars/
classes/ programs?

A: Most programs focus on the physical self-defense in the event that you become a victim of assault.  The EMPOWERED program focuses on how to avoid becoming a victim in the first place.  We do teach some physical techniques for stopping an attack, but the idea of EMPOWERED is to empower people to know what to look for, how to spot real potential threats, and how to carry themselves so they won’t be chosen as a victim in the first place.

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Q: What are the classes like?

A: All Empowered classes have elements of listening to intuition, situational awareness, predator recognition, and simple, easy to learn physical self-defense.  We can work in boardrooms, gyms, hallways, lobbies, living rooms, etc.  Almost any space works.  There is seated time and movement time; you probably won’t get sweaty, and there is no need to change from your daily clothes.



Q: How much experience do I need?

A: EMPOWERED is designed to be beneficial to all levels of fitness and self-defense experience from beginners to experts.  The physical techniques are low-impact, and practiced only with the instructor.



QAre the classes for Men as well as Women?

A: Yes! Corporate programs apply to all genders (Co-Ed), and we also offer group women’s self-defense.  We work with diverse groups.




Q: Where are classes held?

A: Corporate workshops, private lessons, parties, and seminars are held at your location and best time.  We also offer classes at the Multnomah Arts Center in SW Portland, as well as our office in Hillsboro.



Q: I have physical limitations.  Can I still benefit from the EMPOWERED Self-Defense course?

A: There are a couple of options for people with physical limitations.  You can have one-on-one private lessons to work with an instructor on finding the best physical defense techniques for you, or you could attend the EMPOWERED classes and sit out during activities that would compromise your safety.  Please let us know your limitation when you register so we can accommodate your needs as necessary.



Q: Is EMPOWERED Female owned?

A: EMPOWERED Focused Self-Defense is proudly woman-owned and operated.  We do have male instructors as well.

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Q: How qualified are your instructors?

A: All EMPOWERED instructors have worked many years to earn their rank and experience.







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