Steps Predators Use to Choose Their Mark

Years ago, when I taught Karate and managed a studio, we always taught people from the point of attack.  “If they punch you, this is how we block.  If they kick, that is how we counter.”  I have yet to meet a martial arts instructor who teaches all the steps leading up to such an event.  This is part of the reason I don’t work at a Karate studio any more, though I miss the culture and the fun of the arts.

Let’s go backward from that point.  We will imagine that a predator is looking to rob someone, and you are walking around with your camera, shooting photos.  Let’s look at it from the predator’s eyes for a moment.

  1. The predator sees you, and sees your expensive camera, and decides it may be worth the risk, if you would be a good mark.
  2. The predator watches you to determine if you are a good mark:02f07102
    1. Will it be EASY?  (Do you look like you could be convinced? Do you look distracted and surprise-able? Does your body language give clues of  awareness, and/or willingness and ability to fight or run?)
    2. What is the risk of getting caught? (Are there other people around?  Is there an easy way to escape with the camera?)
  3. The next step is to get close enough to take your camera.  The predator plans this move.  Perhaps it would be easy to sneak up on you while you focus in on a shot, or perhaps they will just ask what time it is or hand you something and distract you with a question or a story.
  4. With the plan in place, the predator will make the move for the camera.  Either a punch/push/attack and a grab for the camera (“force” predator); or an effort to convince or coerce you to give them the camera, perhaps with intimidation and threats (“friendly” predator).

An EMPOWERED person would probably have been aware enough to notice and recognize the predator and that they were being assessed.  The EMPOWERED Person would look them in the eye, using strong non-verbal communication as they walked by, letting the potential predator know that they are not an easy target.  This causes the predator to change their mind about the EMPOWERED person.  Confrontation AVOIDED. No fighting skills needed.

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Be safe. Be Strong. Be EMPOWERED!