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“This [workshop] gave great tips and techniques to build confidence.  Your stories were great.  Great humor.  Very warm and relatable.”  -J. M. Hillsboro, OR

Confident muscle man

“Your class is well thought-out and well presented! You know your material and convey it excellent! We had a very diverse group in the first class sessions and you dealt with each person very specifically…I appreciate that! I hope we can do more business in the future! – R.S. Portland Oregon

“Michele is a wonderful instructor who really helps students feel empowered and knowledgeable. I was so lucky to have a class offered through my work this week and it was one of the most useful trainings I’ve ever taken.” -B. S. Beaverton OR



“I left feeling more aware and like I had basic skills to protect myself.  Fun Instructor.” -J.S. Clackamas, OR


Confident woman

“I would recommend this course because every woman/man should know the concepts of not being the one the attacker picks and if so, how to get away.  Learning boundaries.  You were fantastic!  Loved it!  You are a very great teacher.” -L. S. Beaverton, OR



Pez Dispenser

“I really appreciated the practical advice shared… I respect anyone who can hold their own in a fight, but I don’t want to fight. I’m glad your approach was centered around general safety and how to avoid an altercation in the first place.”   -A. R. Portland OR






 “I really enjoyed your class. I had a pretty profound paradigm shift in regards to my appeasing behavior and how that only makes me seem like more of a victim. I definitely walk differently through the world… thank you for that!” -C.S. Portland, OR


“Michele injects humor in her class to help keep things interesting and her style of teaching is fabulous. I felt very empowered and I really believe the things she taught us will stick in my mind and not fly out of my memory if I was in danger.  I would recommend this class to every woman and I even took home the literature to go over it with my mother and daughter.  Thank you so much Michele.” -K.S. Portland OR




“[What was best in this course] were the practical physical moves, and practicing “walking by the creepy guy.”  your stories were inspiring! Thanks for sharing.  I think it’s awesome you’re doing this!”  -M.T. Portland, OR





“I was blown away with the knowledge that Michele gave to us when I took her class. She went the extra mile and gave us book knowledge to help assist us with the concepts we learned. I recommend [EMPOWERED] to everyone- Michele is talented, passionate and you can see that when you take her class. Thank you!”  -N.P. Portland, OR





Confident woman2

“I was able to learn information on predators and learn how to respond.   Loved learning the physical self defense moves and understanding when and how to use them.” -K.G. Vancouver, WA




 Empowered Self-Defense Class

“I really enjoyed the class! I liked how it focused more on getting out of situations/being aware of your surroundings with tools that I can actually use vs. learning a kick, kick, jab, upper-cut self-defense routine of sorts that I would probably forget in a heated situation.” – N.C. Portland OR