Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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Workplace violence includes more than active shooter (the extreme): Any violent outburst, from bullying and threats, to yelling, to throwing punches should be covered in the program.  Stop violence in your workplace before it starts with awareness and diffusing techniques.   Know how to recognize and handle high-risk situations and individuals and keep it from escalating to the point of violence.

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their employees.  A written violence prevention program is a great start to workplace safety.  According to the OSHA, an effective program has a plan for aggressive behavior, prevention training for the mangers, and awareness training for all staff, in addition to a written policy.

Free Assessment:Written Program/Policies (or need for one if there are none in place):

    1. Employee Knowledge/Awareness
    2. Reported Results


Other Services (Mix/Match according to your needs):

  • Written Policy
    • Current Policy Updated (if applicable)
    • New Policy Created based on the Department of Labor’s policy and guidelines
  • Manager Training
    • Prevention: Signs to look for potential problems
    • How to handle someone you suspect has a problem
    • Procedures to follow if faced with a violent employee, customer, or stranger in the workplace

Management Training

  • Employee Training
    • Ensures program awareness
    • Policy and consequences for violence in the workplace, (including bullying, yelling, slamming things, throwing things, physical altercations, and so on)
    • Reporting policy: when we have or suspect issues (bullying, heard something, domestic violence, etc)
    • Preventative Workshops:
      • Personal Safety
      • Assertive Communication
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Stress Reduction

Workplace Violence Prevention